15 Sep

Waterproofing with Dimple Board

Do you have a leaky basement? Does it smell bad when you walk down the basement stairs? You may have never heard how waterproofing with dimple board can help keep your basement dry. When you buy a dimple board waterproofing...
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8 Sep

DIY Basement Crack Repair for Downspout Drainage

There are many reasons you could have cracks in your basement walls. If you live in an area that floods frequently, you probably have cracks and leaks in your basement walls due to flood water. That is the type of...
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18 Aug

DIY Solve Basement Leak Problems

If you walk down your basement stairs and notice a musty smell, you need to look around for leaks right away. Finding the source and so you can DIY solve basement leak problems fast is more important than you might...
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11 Aug

Using Dimple Board to Waterproof Your Basement

If you’re looking for a versatile way to protect your basement from flooding, dimple board membrane may be answer. Using dimple board to waterproof your basement is as easy as using the large drainage sheets and attaching them to the...
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4 Aug

How to Seal Your Basement Walls Yourself

You’re a brand new homeowner, and it’s finally moving day. Just your luck, it’s raining down buckets of water. You send the guys down the stairs with the furniture for your man cave, and they come back up to tell...
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21 Jul

Fix Your Moist Basement

If you walk down your basement stairs and it feels moist, chances are you have leaks in your basement walls or leaks in your basement floor. That musty smell you’re experiencing could be from mold or mildew that’s forming because...
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